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2018 Events

August 16 - Golf Outing
October 12 - Pheasant Hunt

The TCCA was incorporated under the laws of the State of Michigan in 1984 and has grown from just a few members at the time of incorporation to an effective and viable construction industry association with 27 Contractor members and 40 Associate members as of January 1, 2018.

Our consultant, Richard Crannell works on a part-time basis managing the many day-to-day business tasks, distributes communications, facilitates meetings with TCCA Board of Directors and the Engineer/Contractor committee members. Also, Mr. Crannell participates in meetings with construction industry partners on the behalf of the TCCA. Minutes from these meetings are communicated to the membership through email. Mr. Crannell is available to provide assistance to members as necessary. He takes prompt action to see that members’ concerns are addressed. Mr. Crannell will provide guidance, respond to members’ concerns and, if it becomes necessary, the matter will be referred to the Board of Directors for further review.

This directory is provided as a service to our membership as a convenient and useful reference tool. We encourage anyone soliciting bid/proposals to contact the TCCA so that we may distribute the solicitations to our TCCA membership as it may apply to the Associate and/or Contractor members. Likewise, whenever possible, please purchase goods and services from our Associate and Contractor members who graciously support this organization.

Suggestions for improving services or future editions of this directory are welcomed. Please notify Mr. Crannell or any member of the Board of Directors. Any corrections or changes to the directory will be included in the next issue.

We recognize past consultants who have contributed to the success of the TCCA, special thanks to Chuck Kerns, Jim Clark, Jim Koski, Frank Jones and Bill Laut.